Update: Google Ads offers better traffic with less effort

Google Ads recently announced a major search that affects paid search results for your company.  Google is changing matching phrase behaviors and broad matching keywords (BMMs). Thanks to its technological progression, Google’s AI can now better understand the intent of search requests. This step will make Google Ads more intuitive, which is great news for your campaigns. 

Currently, the match types behave as follows:

Broad match: Used to cast a wide net. Here your ad will show whenever the keyword is present anywhere in the search query. Related searches will also match up.

Broad match modifier: Will capture queries containing the modified term (along with some of its synonyms and close variations) in any word order.

Phrase match: Will capture queries matching up to the phrase and close variations of that phrase, usually the order matters.

Exact match: Geared for more precise results. Your ad only appears when the exact keywords (along with close variations) are searched. 

In short: There have been previous updates to match types so that they are less restrictive. For exact match, the inclusion and exclusion of function words was added. A query would also match up if it had a different word order but the same meaning. For phrase and broad match, close variants were added.